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Nov 24, 2013 7:00am PST
at it is very much, our objective is different than israel and saudi arabia. israel and saudi arabia, they don't want iran to have the capability to produce nuclear weapons, period. they live there. that's their neighborhood. there are lots of reasons why they wouldn't want to have iran, who proved to be cheating all the time, to have nuclear weapons. the united states doesn't have that view. our view is we want to slow them down. for the next six months, the objective of that is to slow it down. >> all right. i want to go, at this moment, to london. he's a professor of middle eastern economics at the london school of science. nice to have you this morning. >> thank you. >> let me ask you a bit about this. the way we get to this table and part of, sort of the conversation that pushes iran to any level of agreement here has to do with sanctions. tell me now, what has been earned in terms of the u.s. sanctions agreement as a result of this decision last night. >> well, remember, i mean iran will get only between $6 billion and $7 billion after this deal. you have in the next six month, we shall
Nov 16, 2013 7:00am PST
and millions of hardworking families over law you don't like. >> he dug in his heels for weeks. he refused to budge on the aca. instead, he demanded that republicans vote to reopen the government and raise the debt ceiling. and it worked. on october 16th, congress struck a deal to do both. good job, mr. president. who says democrats always cave? well, this week that guy, the defiance guy, he was nowhere to be found. republicans had been howling for the aca's head. i know, what else is new? but this time it was for the realization that more than 4 million people were getting cancellation notices, notices saying their individual health policies would not be available next year because of the affordable care act's strict new rules for such policies. republicans accused the president of lying by telling the american people that if you like your plan you can keep it. so president obama did not dig in his heels this time. instead he made a mea culpa on thursday saying he messed up on the aca. the website rollout was botched, he said, he was wrong about keeping the plans you like. >> i'm just goi
Nov 3, 2013 7:00am PST
to care about the electoral politics of a state where you don't live is probably asking a lot. but here's why you might want to start paying attention. because you may not be one of those civically engaged citizens who will be voting on election day 2013, but chances are, you will be part of the slightly larger percentage of americans who will be checking a box on election day 2014, and the significantly larger population of americans who will cast a vote for president in 2016. and the decisions made by that small minority of voters on tuesday could have an outsized impact on the electoral choices we'll have all to make in the next three years. especially in the two states whose gubernatorial elections are the country's most closely watched contests. virginia and new jersey. the only two states whose citizens elect a governor the year after the country elects a new president, making them a bellwether for the future direction of national political wins. especially this year. on the heels of a deeply unpopular government shutdown orchestrated by an even less popular and highly divided rep
Nov 10, 2013 7:00am PST
was clear. >> are you willing to make sure that those family members who don't always vote during off-year elections are getting to the polls? are you willing to make your case every single hour, every single minute, every single second? are you going to be willing to outwork and outhustle the other folks, because i guarantee you, terry mcauliffe is going to be outworking and outhustling the other guy over the next few hours. you can bring this home! >> man, i love that line about getting your family members to vote. you know, your brothers and your sisters. that means president obama had also seen this chart, and it worked. so joining me now, to discuss the implications of this gubernatorial race and, in fact, race and the republicans, are joy reid, managing editor of, michael skull nick of, msnbc "the cycle," co-host, ari melber, and republican strategist, ron christie. it is so nice to have you all at the table. so i'm going to start with you, joy, what's up with the white women? >> i don't know. it is interesting how in a lot of ways, in sort of our pol
Nov 2, 2013 7:00am PDT
and see that the risk to passengers at airports can be severe if we don't take care of them. >> hold for me just one moment. i want to come out to the panel. laura, i wanted to talk to you about this because we were trying to make a decision yesterday, do we pause and cover this. right? this is not that kind of news show. and i thought, you know, i feel like we must in part because whenever anything happens at an airport it has these multiplying effects -- economically in terms of our sense of safety and security, anxiety. what do you think our response is to an airport shooting? >> well, an airport shooting that claimed the life of a public employee. >> yes. >> i think that's an important part of the story. it's absolutely right in this case that you take a moment to talk about what happened. sure, there's a fear we will spend yet more on useless security technologies, and you can just hear all the private firms thinking whack we roll out this week? but what's so important for our country to hear, a country with attack upon attack of public workers is a public employee died yesterda
Nov 9, 2013 7:00am PST
to create demand, to drive economic recovery when consumers don't have the money to spend on the things that they want. and you know what would give consumers the money they need to buy the things they wanted to drive the economy towards recovery? jobs with a living wage and a reasonably secure future all allowing workers to open their wallets and buy everything from breakfast cereals to new homes. the new jobs numbers yesterday released an interesting tail. unemployment ticked up to 7.3% even though employers added far more jobs than economists predicted, 204,000 job, but government jobs slipped by another 12,000, meaning nearly 100,000 public sector jobs have been lost this year alone. americans are hungry for substantive work. steel-cut oatmeal with bananas, if you will. but our froot loops lawmakers are on a short-term sugar high of deficit reduction. on friday, economist paul krugman quote, "the bitter irony, then, is is that it turns out that by failing to address unemployment, we have, in fact, been sacrificing the future too. what passes these days for sound policy is in fact a
Nov 30, 2013 7:00am PST
about those workers. they want to change the minds of many who in fact don't actually shop there. joining me today are some familiar faces that you're going to remember from our black friday discussion last year. an international and public affairs at columbia university. allison co-host of citizen radio at we are citizen also a reporter for the nation. she was out yesterday covering the protests. also ed ott former executive and political director for new york city's central labor council who has been active in the labor movement over 40 years. and our friend colby harris, a former walmart employee fired by the company and just arrested yesterday while participating in walmart black friday protests. thanks to all of you for being here. ed, i want to start with you, we are in certain ways just where we were last year. but then in other ways it feels like there is movement. how would you assess the last year in walmart organizing? >> i think several things changed. walmart resorted to retaliation against some of the workers who participated last year. the workers stood
Nov 17, 2013 7:00am PST
, which is sanction on one hand or aid, we don't do that. we are out of date with that. but there's one thing that it's concerning for me. i have been studying all of these regions. i understand what they understand as language. so when we tell them, okay, we're negotiating with you, we'll open up, but then we see that, oh, my god, while we're negotiating, we want to toughen the sanction. it's like two people are negotiating over a house, and one comes to negotiate, and the wife of the owner, eventually, come and smack him in the face. and say, okay, now, you know what, now we start the negotiations. it does not work like this. with iranians, they have national pride, but they are opening up. you have rouhani, but you have the regime itself. first you have the ex-president, and one of the guards somehow of the system, who came out, more than once in the last three, four years saying, we have not only to open up normal relationship with the united states, but also with other countries. he was referring to israel. and i think something has to give here, otherwise, we lose this amazing opp
Nov 23, 2013 7:00am PST
as if -- i don't see what other political options there are, procedural options there are, and given the time frame, one thing i think is an important distinction here is the extent to which the kind of district-by-district safety of seats makes it very difficult for people to say well politically we're going to make deals with people in the house or things are kind of structurally gridlocked. i think this is more a symptom of that than anything else. but the other thing, too, is when we look at lbj, we tend to think about two things with him, which is '64 and '65, the civil rights act and the voting rights act. but this is really about the arc of his career because he does this in '57 and does it again in 1960, like the little remembered 1960 civil rights act, and then the 1964 and then '65. >> yet this was a guy who had been part of some of these anti-lynching filibusters earlier, who certainly in his discourse still sounded very southern. you know, i don't want to repeat how he sounded, right, on air. and i wonder, raul, in part as i was spending time with carroll's book and thinking about
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)